Book Giveaways

The Book Giveaway Program gets books into the hands of children and families in need.  The Literacy Coalition collects new and gently-used books for distribution to schools, social service organization, community centers, churches, and health clinics.  Over 15,000 books have been received and distributed throughout the community since 2004.

The Literacy Coalition solicits organizations and businesses throughout the community to sponsor book drives and provides technical assistance in conducting the book drives.  A book drive may collect hundreds or thousands of books.  The books are sorted and categorized by age group for targeted distribution.

The Literacy Coalition works with schools and other organizations to target distribution of the books.  Examples of targeted distribution programs include home library building and family literacy/reading intervention support.  The home library building takes gift quality books and gets them into the hands of children to establish their library and build pride in book ownership.  There are programs for Birthday Gift Books, Summer Reading Book Totes, and Holiday Gift Books.  Additionally, books are distributed to support family literacy and reading intervention in schools and organizations serving populations at-risk (e.g., economically disadvantaged families, struggling readers, women's shelters, families receiving social service assistance, correctional facilities, etc.).

Book Drive Sponsors

  • Alum Creek Elementary PTO
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Goddard School of Lewis Center
  • Goddard School of Powell
  • MOMS Club of Lewis Center, North and South Chapters
  • Olentangy Teacher's Association

Book have been distributed to:

  • Buckeye Valley East – Summer Reading
  • Conger Elementary – Birthday Books and Summer Reading
  • Delaware County Jail
  • Delaware County Job and Family Services
  • Help Me Grow – Read to Me Books
  • Turning Point Women's Shelter
  • Woodward Elementary – Holiday Books and Summer Reading
  • (WS)2 After School Homework Help Program

After School Homework Help

The Literacy Coalition, William Street United Methodist Church, and Willis Intermediate School partner to offer the (WS)2 After School Homework Help Program.  This program is run by a teacher from Willis Intermediate School and operates with many, dedicated volunteers!

(WS)2 started as a drop-in program offered to all students at Willis Intermediate School and has evolved into a targeted approach in providing homework help to students nominated for the program by the school. The program addresses particular learning needs of students and offers one-on-one assistance on homework completion. Computer learning sites and other educational resources recommended by the school are also utilized during program sessions.

(WS)2 students set learning and grade goals and are recognized for their successful progress towards those goals. Students are additional recognized for program participation, such as regular attendance, completing their homework, and effort. Students also receive books and learning materials throughout the program to facilitate at home reading and practicing skills. Recognition events for students and their families also take place.

Program outcomes have consistently shown improved homework completion, as well as positive changes in school outcomes (e.g., attitudes towards school and improved school grades). Teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors from Willis Intermediate School have come to rely on the help available to students through (WS)2 and see this as a valuable resource for their students and parents.

Home Literacy Kits

The Literacy Coalition has developed a series of home literacy kits.  These home literacy kits are duplicated and distributed to elementary and middle schools to be loaned to students.  The home literacy kits:

  • Increase the reading fluency of students
  • Improve students comprehension through repeated reading
  • Increase students' interest in reading by providing books and teaching materials
  • Train parents in specific skills and strategies to help their children with reading at home
  • Increase parent/child interaction through the reading process

Kits are theme based and include two to four items such as read-aloud books, poems, activity sheets, and games in an easy to carry bag.  Each kit also contains a parent letter and instructions on how to use the kit.  Themes were developed on high interest topics and were mapped to the school curriculum.

The Rotary Club of Sunbury funded the Literacy Coalition's development of the initial series of 10 home literacy kits and the distribution of 60 home literacy kits to the 21st Century Afterschool Learning Program.

Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) Support

The Literacy Coalition partners with the Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) program in efforts to promote the initiation and continuation of county literacy programs for adults.  The Literacy Coalition advertises ABLE services and both organizations refer learners to the other as needed.

Family Literacy Support

The Literacy Coalition sponsors and supports family literacy events in the community.  The events includes promotion of literacy in the community and may include presentations and materials outlining the importance of reading, age-appropriate reading tips and demonstrations on how to read to children, and ways to incorporate reading at home. Information about literacy services in the community and referrals to other organizations may be also provided.

Examples of family literacy events are:

  • Family Literacy Workshops - LEADS Head Start programs
  • Family Literacy Night – Conger Elementary School
  • Literacy Booths – Delaware Arts Festival, Orange Township Fourth of July Festival, and WOSU Beach Day

Community Service Development

The Literacy Coalition continually assesses the literacy needs of the community.  It will either develop a program directly or partner with outside organizations to address the need.  Examples of these include the (WS)2 Afterschool Homework Help Program and the Delaware County chapter of the Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC).

The (WS)2 Afterschool Homework Help Program (also described above) was developed based on a need identified by Willis Intermediate School and the Literacy Coalition to reach out to struggling learners who were not being served by existing programs offered by the school or community.  The Literacy Coalition assessed the need, developed the program based on those needs, and has implemented the program since 2005.

In creating the Delaware County chapter of the Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC), the Literacy Coalition partnered with The Ohio State University Nisonger Center and Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities to better serve individuals with developmental disabilities. A needs assessment indicated that these individuals did not have any literacy services available to them after a class offered by ABLE was canceled due to funding cuts.  The NCBC was designed to promote literacy, social connections, and community inclusion. It was initiated by the Literacy Coalition in 2008 and was immediately sponsored and implemented by Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities.